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Pixel Weekly 8/8/13

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  Status DAQ (Andreas Korn)

-- CraigButtar - 2013-06-03


Weekly vidyo/phone meetings - Thursdays at 10:00 am (UK time)

Vidyo portal

Date Indico page Other notes/docs (e.g. uploads to PUUKA Twiki)
24th Oct 2013 Indico page  
17th Oct 2013

Indico page

sharepoint page

10th Oct 2013 Indico page  
3rd Oct 2013 confId=276089  
26th Sept 2013 confId=275058  
12th Sept 2013 confId=268648  
5th Sept 2013 confId=271197  
29th Aug 2013 confId=270174  
22nd Aug 2013 confId=264982  
8th Aug 2013 confId=266895  
1st Aug 2013 confId=266005 Notes: https://indico.cern.ch/getFile.py/access?resId=0&materialId=slides&confId=266005
25th July 2013 confId=264982 Notes: https://indico.cern.ch/getFile.py/access?resId=0&materialId=1&confId=264982
30th May 2013  


Pre_and_post_assembly_IVs_summary (Tom Mcmullen)

Status DAQ (Andreas Korn)

4th Oct 2012   September CERN Testbeam Update CERN-PPStestbeam-Overview-sept2012.pptx
9th Aug 2012   Discussion document on Flex PCB:-
15th Mar 2012   Glasgow Update: GlasgowUpdate_150312.pdf
29th Jan 2012   Minutes: 2012-01-19_UKModules.txt
10th Nov 2011    
3rd Nov 2011   Micron Quad Detectors IV: 031111.pptx
9th June 2011   Minutes
2nd June 2011   Minutes
19th May 2011   Minutes
5th May 2011  
21st Apr 2011    
7th Apr 2011   Minutes of the meetingMinutes_from_April_7th_UK_Pixel_Module_phone_meeting.doc
3rd Mar 2011   -- RichardBates - 2011-01-21
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Notes_from_WP1_meeting_30th_May.docx" attr="" comment="" date="1370271455" name="Notes_from_WP1_meeting_30th_May.docx" path="Notes from WP1 meeting 30th May.docx" size="120011" stream="Notes from WP1 meeting 30th May.docx" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp45003" user="CraigButtar" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="PixelDAQ_300513.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1370271507" name="PixelDAQ_300513.pdf" path="PixelDAQ_300513.pdf" size="15934059" stream="PixelDAQ_300513.pdf" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp45143" user="CraigButtar" version="1"
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