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Pixel Weekly

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  In general, indico pages are listed in: https://indico.cern.ch/categoryDisplay.py?categId=547
Date Indico page Other notes/docs (e.g. uploads to PUUKA Twiki)
24th April 2014 https://indico.cern.ch/event/315694/


1. Brief reports

Status of Micron sensors CP6 production, Gian/Sergey Status of testbeam preparations, Kenny

2. Discussion on module parameters for FEA thermal simulations, All See attached note by Graham Beck

3. Update on source scans for slim edge sensors, Marko

4. Response to FE-IX talk at AUW, All

5. AoB

Modification key is wp1

Vidyo pin: 54321

3rd April 2014 https://indico.cern.ch/event/311651/  
27th Mar 2014 https://indico.cern.ch/event/310167/


  • Freiburg talks: The list i sent to Paolo after last weeks discussion can be found below.
  • TB analysis status and SLAC discussion
  • Status of RAL In-bumped module
  • Flex and tape status
  • Update on Cea-Leti production
  • AOB

List sent to Paolo after last weeks discussion

1. Sensors

Results from characterisation of quad sensors.

We got some nice data at DESY with unirradiated and also with an irradiated sensors.

Results from characterisation of pixel sensors with different geometries As for the quads, we have some nice data from the Feb DESY TB run with unirradiated and irradiated sensors.

2. Modules

Interconnect developments

This would cover work with Cea-Leti, we have first results on using the backside compensation, status of bump-bonding at Advacam.

Status of In bump bonding at RAL

This would cover an update on the In bump bonding at RAL. We have the first module from RAL and would hope to have results from characterising.

It may be this could be merged with the more general interconnect developments.

Depending on overlaps with the other meetings, we could contribute a summary of quad and different geometries in case as there may be people who do not see the talks in the sensor sessions.

Flex development

We have a prototype flex on thin FR4 and hope to have bonded chips to it and characterised it by Freiburg.

Wafer probing

We can provide an update on UK work in this area.

20th Mar 2014 https://indico.cern.ch/event/309001/  
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