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MCLimits Fitting Code: Tool for Measuring Sensitivity

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  ttH_massDistribution_Example.C - this is the 'driver' code effectively for MCLIMITS. It defines the input to mclimits and which methods from mclimits should be run.
This file is available for testing here: /home/cwright/roofit/Rick/tthiggs_CSC_updateForThesis/ttH_massDistribution_Example.C

You will also need the following rootfiles in order to run: /home/cwright/roofit/Rick/tthiggs_CSC_updateForThesis/rootfiles/

(You need them all!)


Useful Output

The outcomes from the MCLimits code is heavily dependent on the methods which are selected and run. However there are a set of standard outputs that are of use when doing a hypothesis test, and assessing sensitivity. These are detailed here.

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  - J. Heinrich's Bayesian Limit results (s95med, s95p1,s95p2,s95m1,s95m2)
The details of these tools are all included in the MCLIMITS documentation (that comes along with the tarball), and rather than repeat the details of each tool here, I recommend you read the paper!

Useful Statistics Documentation

There is a myriad of statistics books and papers available. A simple list of papers that are useful for understanding the statistical concepts adopted in the mclimits code are listed here:

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