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  An overview of the software framework can be found here.
(Note: If at any stage when setting up an environment or building code you encounter a problem before trying anything else first do make clean on anything you have done make on then use a clean shell and retry.)

Running Mode

The code can be run in two different modes. Locally or using PROOF(Parallel ROOT Facility). PROOF allows analysis of a large number of ROOT files in parallel using multiple machines or processor cores.

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  For a 2012 event InitCrossSection2012() pulls the information from a file called configs/2012_cross_sections.txt which can be edited to add the information for your particular dataset

Running Using PROOF on Demand(PoD)

Proof is a framework for running many root analyses in parallel. It can be run locally using PROOF-lite which will utilise multiple cores on one machine or it can be run on many machines usind the PoD framework.

Installing and Building

To Install PROOF on Demand first we must get and unpack the code.

cd $HOME
wget http://pod.gsi.de/releases/pod/3.10/PoD-3.10-Source.tar.gz
tar -xzvf PoD-3.10-Source.tar.gz

To build the code do

cd $HOME/PoD-3.10-Source
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -C ../BuildSetup.cmake ..
make install
source myVH_research/ElectroweakBosons/trunk/scripts/setup_pod_lxplus.sh
cd PoD/3.10/
source PoD_env.sh

To change the working directory PoD uses along with many other settings just edit $HOME/.PoD/PoD.cfg

Now create a file called $HOME/.PoD/user_worker_env.sh and put the following settings in it

#! /usr/bin/env bash
echo "Setting user environment for workers ..."
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/afs/cern.ch/sw/lcg/external/qt/4.4.2/x86_64-slc5-gcc43-opt/lib:\

Then create a file called $HOME/.PoD/user_xpd.cf and put the line xpd.root allow in it.

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