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 The next step is to calculate the MJ scale factors and scale the plots accordingly. To do this run
 ./RunPlotMaker -config ./configs/plot.config -MJScales 
If you are making a file with full systematics you will want to run the -MJScales multiple times. One for each of the systematics you want to scale. For example run

 ./RunPlotMaker -config ./configs/MyFirstSystematic.config -MJScales 

Where in the config file you replace the MCMJ, DataElMJ and DataMuMJ files with their systematic versions.

 (Note: To make a basic set of plots now do ./RunPlotMaker -config ./configs/plot.config)

to calculate the scale factory then run

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  This will produce a limit file.

A little about the plot.config file

The plot.Config file will look something like the following

VersionMC           20140515_LimitFile_v5.3
TagMJ               True
CDI_CALIB           ttbar_all
DataType            Data12
YearName            2012
#ScaleFitRegion      MJFit
ScaleFitRegion      2BTag
#ScaleFitRegion      MJFit2BTag
ScaleFitVar         met
#ScaleFitVar         mtw
#ScaleFitVar         lep1Pt
UseEOS              True
#OutTag              2BTagScales

Blind               True

#                   MergedLepton, Electron or Muon
LepFlavour          MergedLepton
SplitCharge         False

# Directory to store input plot outputs - could do to make this nicer to you don't need to input username
FitDirectory        /afs/cern.ch/work/p/pmullen/analysis/FitInputs/

DataElFile          AnalysisManager.data12_8TeV.OneLepton.Electron.Hists.root
DataElMJFile        AnalysisManager.data12_8TeV.OneLepton.Electron.Hists.MJ.SysMJShapeDo.root
DataMuFile          AnalysisManager.data12_8TeV.OneLepton.Muon.Hists.root
DataMuMJFile        AnalysisManager.data12_8TeV.OneLepton.Muon.Hists.MJ.root
MCFile              AnalysisManager.mc12_8TeV_p1328.OneLepton.Hists.root
MCMJFile            AnalysisManager.mc12_8TeV_p1328.OneLepton.Hists.MJ.root

LimitFileVersion    v5.3

If you want to look at the MJ template and its electroweak contamination you can make DataElFile and DataElMJFile be the MJ template, comment out the MCMJ file and make the MC file the MC MJ template.


META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="RunPlotMaker.C" attr="" comment="plotting script" date="1361536336" name="RunPlotMaker.C" path="RunPlotMaker.C" size="35987" stream="RunPlotMaker.C" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp31048" user="PaulMullen" version="2"
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