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Model Inspector

The Model Inspector is a GUI for examining the model contained in the RooFit workspace. The function and it's parameters are as follows:

void ModelInspector(const char* infile = "", const char* workspaceName = "combined", const char* modelConfigName = "ModelConfig", const char* dataName = "obsData")

If the worspace(/s) were made using hist2workspace, the names have a standard form (as shown above).

Using the Model Inspector

// Load the macro.
root -L ModelInspector.C++
// Run the macro on the appropriate ROOT workspace file.

The Model Inspector GUI should appear. The GUI consists of a number of plots, corresponding to the various channels in the model, and a few sliders, corresponding to the parameters of interest and the nuisance parameters in the model. The initial plots are based on the values of the parameters in the workspace. There is a little "Fit" button which fits the model to the data points (while also printing the standard terminal output detailing the fitting). After fitting, a yellow band is shown around the best fit model indicating the uncertainty from propagating the uncertainty of the fit through the model. On the plots, there is a red line shown (corresponding to the fit for each of the parameters at their nominal value pushed up by 1 sigma).

How do I get it?

You can get the ModelInspector.C from the Statistics Forum RooStats tools here.


Video illustrating the usage of the Model Inspector



General description

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