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Glasgow machines at CERN

All Glasgow machines hosted at CERN should behave like lxplus nodes (having AFS, CVMFS and usual software installed). If they don't, or you need some extra software installed or configured, contact GraemeStewart.

Access to these machines is granted specially - again contact GraemeStewart to arrange this (Saverio also knows the root password).

Large disk areas are configured as /data. Please use this, but please also delete files you no longer need.



8 core Xeon E5530 with 24GB of RAM. 7TB Adaptec RAID 5 array that sadly sounds like someone is hoovering your office. All the time. I mean... really annoying. For this reason, now mothballed.

Update: RAID controller has died, so machine is now switched off and will be disposed of.



12 core Xeon E5-2630 with 64GB of RAM. 6TB software RAID 5. Also has an internal SSD, 150GB on /tmp. (Built specially to be quiet!)

(The Xeon E5-2630 cores are about 40% faster than the E5530 ones, so the whole

machine is more than x2 over glasvr01.)
machine is more than x2 over the older glasvr01.)
  -- Graeme Stewart - 2014-06-25 \ No newline at end of file
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