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Glasgow machines at CERN

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 GraemeStewart to arrange this (Saverio also knows the root password).

Large disk areas are configured as /data. Please use this, but please also delete files you no longer need.



8 core Xeon E5530 with 24GB of RAM. 7TB Adaptec RAID 5 array that sadly sounds like someone is hoovering your office. All the time. I mean... really annoying. For this reason, now mothballed.

Update: RAID controller has died, so machine is now switched off and will be disposed of.



12 core Xeon E5-2630 with 64GB of RAM. 6TB software RAID 5. Also has an internal SSD, 150GB on /tmp. (Built specially to be quiet!)

(The Xeon E5-2630 cores are about 40% faster than the E5530 ones, so the whole

machine is more than x2 over glasvr01.)
machine is more than x2 over the older glasvr01.)
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