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1.01 For Tier 2.5 Donny to do a more substantial check like running multitask in v17 on one or several ntup\_top datasets that we have here in Glasgow and get it to output the result to cluster\_shared\_atlas. (LOW PRIORITY)

1.08 Mike to put in AtlasHbb SVN the change to use the latest ganga version which performs automatic rebrokering to another site (AtlasTask instead of MultiTask).

M1.01 Tom D. continues to update/test the dq2 scripts.

M1.02 Donny updates RooFit (arguments, values) as it changes its version.

2.06 (Low priority, after ICHEP) Chris to add a cutword for preselection (of more than 6 jets) to run on grid before the next grid run.

2.15 (Low priority, after ICHEP) Rick to automatize the work around for Roofit in GlaNtp, as at the moment you have to change your config file to run 1 pseudoexperiment when running GlaFit.

2.18 Alistair and Donny update ttH with action numbers v17c numbers.

2.19 Chris and Rick to perform a detailed comparison of KLfitter and chi2 methods to select preferred the final state to try to find the t, t and H candidates.

2.21 Gavin and Alistair to double check the ttH cross sections against each other, the note, the literature, but do not change the note numbers.

2.22 Gavin to try the new $q$ variations of $(m_t+m_H)/2 \rightarrow 2(m_t+m_H)$, suggested by Chris White (theorist).

3.03 Mike to work the v17 changes to AtlasHbb. Then Faig, Deepak, Stan to run v17 while Mike is advising and Deepak et all to run the grid submission for v17.

3.04 Faig and Stan should start working on Computentp in Rick's framework.

3.13 Adrian to create the scripts to create a table of yields for all processes in a sample, and compare with the official numbers for v16 WH and ZH.

3.14 Adrian should come with a formula that is able based on the cutWord, cutMask and invertWord to say if an event should be kept or not.

4.11 Tom to add the jet information (truth and reconstructed) in his code.

5.03 Mike to integrate the micro jet code into AtlasHbb.

-- AdrianBuzatu - 2012-07-10

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