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NB: Cloud support often has to bew cc'd and the emails are hard to find.. cloud support emails are here
 The DDM Dashboard tells the successes of transfers between sites, and for some reason seems to respond quicker to queries then the Production Dashboard - so if you're having a quick hunt through the clouds to try and find where a specific site is located, I'd recommend using this (or PANDA, which is also fairly responsive). If you find somewhere that's failing a lot of transfers, once you've narrowed it down to the site, click on the number of failures to get the error message, and then click on the '+' next to the site's name to see where the sources for these transfers are - it can sometimes be a case that the transfers are failing thanks to the source, not the site that's showing the errors (either through downtime, or some other reason)

For both of the dashboards, keep an eye on the graphs at the top of the page, not only the numbers down at the bottom - the numbers may suggest you have a problem, but the graphs can tell you if it's still an ongoing concern - it might have been a temporary blip (it happened that once a site (BNL) was going for some scheduled downtime, a lot of failed transfers happened involving it).

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