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  In the Production Dashboard, there was a time when there was a 'None' cloud listed - this seemed to contain only sites from other clouds that were known to be having problems - I asked, and apparently 'it happens when an input dataset/file replica is not found in any cloud or not in a cloud where the task is assigned'.

Useful Links not on the ADCoS official pages:

SAM - Site Availability Monitor

AGIS - Downtime calendar - then appears in your GMail Calendar if you click on the icon bottom right!

Functional Test Progress Monitors - click around!

Free Space -not got this to load anything yet!


General Comments: The people in the Skype control room seem friendly enough, and will happily answer any questions you have - however, the process is still inherently a remote one. I don't know how they'll be able to tell when you are no longer a trainee and can be considered an expert. I felt a bit lost, and just wandered around the various websites looking for things that looked red (or not green) - with time it'll be easier to tell what's worth looking at and what's not, but it's made a bit harder by the fact you only see the end result of the expert's efforts - you don't get to see the processes and tricks he/she uses to quickly find and diagnose a problem. Once the eLog came out, I could follow the information contained in that and generally find the fault myself. I found a couple of things myself, but when I mentioned them in the control room the expert seemed to be about 5 pages ahead of me, though he didn't seem to mind telling me why he was leaving it, or not. It's also a bit easy to lose track of what's been dealt with and what hasn't. Partly because it's the expert, not me who was dealing with the problems, but also because it's also all very interconnected, and a fault at one place could be caused by a fault at another.

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